David has assembled a team providing access to an extensive array of financial services. Qualified experts in specialized areas are introduced as needed to ensure we maintain a high stardard of care.

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    We offer a premium level of wealth management services under our proprietary brand, myTalisman™.


    Talisman Investment Planning

    Talisman Investment Planning is a style name operated by David Atwood for the distribution of mutual funds, ETF's, and insurance products.  We selected Sterling Mutuals Inc. for the distribution of mutual funds and ETF's in 2021, and we have been working with HUB Financial for insurance products since 1987.


    Sterling Mutuals Inc. Corporate Profile

    Sterling Mutuals Inc. was founded in 1996 and has grown to be one of Canada's premier independent dealers with over 300 advisors and support staff. We offer a wide assortment of non-proprietary financial products and solutions that permit our network of independent financial advisors to provide best-in-class products, services and advice to their clients. Using our innovative technologies combined with the professional support from our team, our advisors excel and focus on what they do best: providing unbiased and exceptional financial advice to clients. By striving to maintain the highest business standards and conduct through the promotion of best practices, Sterling Mutuals Inc. is committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

    As part of the Sterling family, David is able to deliver the myTalisman™ brand of services with pride knowing he has the support of hard working individuals all throughout the Sterling organization.  We are taking advantage of one of Canada's leading providers of wealth management solutions using the independent model to provide our clients with world class wealth management services.