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    myTalisman™ is customized by your own design.

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    Investment Aptitude

    1. Do you prefer to follow a process for investing over making ad hoc decisions on the fly?

    2. How many years experience do you have investing in equity markets?

    3. Which description best describes your outlook on investing,

    4. Are you a business owner or do you have a business owner like focus when it comes to investing?

    5. Are you interested in learning more about investing when it is convenient for you?

    Financial Preparations

    1. Do you think a written financial plan is an important first step in making financial decisions?

    2. Do you work with other professional advisors for assistance with (Please check all that apply)

    3. Do you believe in using financial instruments such as insurance if it will protect your wealth or the people you care about?

    4. Would you be interested in benefiting your favourite charity if it could be done without compromising the interests of the people you care about?


    1. Do you have a positive and progressive outlook, or are you generally cheerful and pleasant to work with?

    2. Are you willing to become engaged in the process of wealth management by responding to requests for annual review meetings, regardless of financial markets or the economy?

    3. Have you ever given a referral to any business for any product or service that you were happy with?


    1. What phase of life are you in when it comes to investing?

    2. What amount of money are you considering for investment?