Grant Atwood

Grant Atwood

From a young age, Grant always pursued interests in the field of entrepreneurship and found himself involved with social groups that surrounded the topic of Canadian Business and Economics. After choosing to pursue a post-secondary education in Financial Management and Business Studies, Grant has qualified for the Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation and is currently enrolled as a candidate.  Grant is currently licensed in mutual funds as an assistant to David Atwood, and will soon be involved with the life insurance aspect of the business as well.  Once Grant has completed the CFP, he plans to obtain the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation at the end of 2017.

Growing up, Grant found many mentors to reflect a strategy of providing value to society.  For many years, the conduit for this was undiscovered.  Upon leaving the modern day education system, Grant made a clear decision that he would spend his life delivering a clear understanding of high-net worth solutions to middle income families, the same principle used to service many clients today at Talisman Investment Planning.  The education on this mission continues to grow constantly and will likely remain that way for many years to come.  Grant also attends Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder’s meeting in Omaha, Nebraska each year.

Deciding that independence and freedom was something also required for happiness in Grant’s life, he chose to be a part of the family owned financial institution, that is Talisman Investment Planning.  Working with his father for 5 days a week gives him a constantly caring mentor to be around, while learning how to properly find the best solutions for clients.  Something that remains as the most incremental piece of conducting business within the practice at Talisman.

In his spare time, Grant has made voluntary contributions to leadership and youth groups across the city of London, Ontario.  He has been a candidate for the London Youth Advisory Council, and has built a reputation at Mount Hope at the London Health Sciences Centre for positivity and helping others.  Grant also actively writes and posts articles on lifestyle management and finance.

From his personal life, Grant finds joy from spending time in northern Ontario and travelling.  He also likes to bike, golf, and be a part of sport games such as the MLB, NBA, and NHL.  Although sport represents some of Grant’s spare time, he also enjoys taste testing new craft beers and sharing his discoveries with others.