• "If, in your thinking, you rely entirely on others, often through purchase of professional advice, whenever outside a small territory of your own, you will suffer much calamity."

    Charlie Munger

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    myTalisman™ DIY

    You may find the best committee is the one staring back at you when you stand in front of a mirror!  With the all-inclusive services of myTalisman™ you are not alone.  When relying on professional advice it is particularly important to keep yourself informed because next to you, no one will care more about your money than we do.

    Please feel free to help yourself to the tools and services of myTalisman™ DIY.


    Understanding your situation as well as you do makes it easy for myTalisman™ to customize the right coverage for your needs.  If you know what you need/want, these quoting engines will give you the cost and if it pleases you, myTalisman™ will take care of the rest!

    Before you begin, it will help to determine what is needed.  Start with the question, “What will be the financial loss?”

    Quick Life Insurance Needs Estimator


    Life Insurance


    Home Insurance

    FREE Property Insurance Quotes

    FREE Auto Insurance Quotes




    “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail!”

    Mark Twain

    Financial Calculator

    Learn to use the financial calculator the way a maestro uses a baton and it may be the only tool you will ever need!

    The old school says, “A good carpenter doesn’t choose his tools”.  Learning a few tools really well by developing skill in a narrowly defined area often delivers the highest return.

    The new school says if a little of something is good, then more is even better!  A fully loaded toolbox will make sure you have tools for many different jobs.  With a little understanding and lots to choose from, it could be similar to going into a gunfight with a butter knife – someone could get hurt!

    You work hard for your money, play it safe – measure twice and cut once.  If you want to be sure, feel free to reach out to myTalisman™ for a well seasoned and complimentary second opinion.


    Household Cash Flow

    Net Worth Calculator


    Income Tax Planner


    Advantage of Investing Early

    RESP Calculator

    TFSA Calculator

    Investment and Regular Deposit

    Investment and Regular Withdrawal

    Education Savings Plan

    Savings Calculator

    Compare Savings Rates

    Portfolio Return Calculator

    QTrade Discount Broker

    Low cost stock, bond, and ETF transactions.


    Mortgage Qualifier

    Debt Consolidator

    Rent versus Own Calculator

    Mortgage Loan Calculator

    Mortgage Refinance Interest Savings

    Amortizing Loan Calculator

    Tax Free Home Equity Withdrawal Estimator


    Retirement Planner

    Registered versus Non-Registered Comparison

    RRIF Payment Calculator

    LIF Payment Calculator


    Probate Fees

    Final Arrangements Pre-Planning


    These tools will help you decide how to benefit a charitable organization instead of “donating” your savings to the CRA.

    Charitable Giving Calculators



    myTalisman™ is an all inclusive customized service supported by some of the best technology available.  myTalisman™ is good fortune by design – security and peace of mind are part of the package.  Before myTalisman™ was an option this tool was a trusty alternative!

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